How To Apply for EHIC

There is more than one way to apply for an EHIC, and there is no one correct or best method. The way you choose to apply for your EHIC will depend on your requirements and circumstances as each method has its advantages and disadvantages.

Applying by Phone

If you don’t like filling with forms or struggle with writing, then calling the NHS overseas healthcare team by phone can bypass that stage completely. The advisor will take your details over the form, and help work out whether or not you are eligible for EHIC and help you through the process. The main drawback to this method is that you can only make that call during office hours in the UK, which might not be convenient if you’re at work.

Applying by Post

The most low-tech method of applying for your EHIC is by post. Phone the helpline and ask for a form to be taken out in the post, or go onto the website and print a form off. This is a good method of application if you don’t like using the internet, but the main disadvantage is that printing, filling and sending things in the mail adds days onto the overall process.

Online Applications

Filling in applications online is convenient as it can be done ay any time of the day or night, and even on your smartphone. If you’re not confident using websites or have a patchy internet connection, this might be problematic. There are also separate services which also take the application out of your hands completely and offer a check and send service to ensure your application is correct, and also offer additional services such as automatic reminders when your EHIC is about to expire, or hassle-free replacements in you lose your card or need to add on a new family member.